Your Portrait Experience


Consultation - Begin with the end in mind.

We love capturing portraits, but even more important is finding out what you really want. When you are ready to book your appointment we always like to spend a little time with you on the phone so you can tell us what you are looking for.

We can discuss how you would like you and your family photographed. You can tell us where you would like to display your portraits. We can discuss everything from what to wear, the style and colour scheme of your home as well as to advise of the size for artwork you would like to display.

Beginning with the end in mind really helps us to focus on what is important to you, so when you come in we are ready to capture and deliver the perfect portrait for your home.

Call us today on 01394 766643 to start your portrait experience.


The Photoshoot - Capturing Your Family

This is the fun bit! We will capture you and your family with a stress-free and fun experience. We focus on connections and candid natural moments. Using a simple white studio gives me the chance to have fun with your family and create bright, airy, and timeless portraits.

Since we have already discussed your preferences, this is our time to turn your family into art as we capture those moments that you cherish. No cheesy props or distracting elements, just natural beautiful artistic portraits.


Viewing & Ordering - Choosing the perfect images for your home

After your session, you can enjoy a coffee whilst we prepare your images to view. Because every session tells a story, your images will be beautifully presented in a high definition video for you to sit back and enjoy.

Following your video presentation, you will have the chance to order from our stunning range of product products to decorate your home and maybe choose a few to gift to other family members.


What should I wear?

First of all whatever makes you comfortable 🙂 Jeans look great matched with plain tops without logos and busy patterns. Long sleeved tops or shirts work really well. We often do poses laying on the ground so ladies give consideration to your neckline so that you only show what you choose to show.

Do you only shoot black & white?

Black & white photos are our signature style. They are stylish, elegant and only get better with time. Our Black & White photographs  remove all distractions and are more complimentary on skin tones.

Most important Black and White portraits look incredible you will love them!

Do I have to go bare feet?

Not if you do not want to. We always shoot without shoes as scuffed and dirt soles can ruin a image. Just make sure that your toes are not peeking through your socks and you are welcome to keep them on 🙂

Do you sell digital?

We believe that printed photographs are the very best way to enjoy your portraits. Especially when you see the quality of the fine art printing we use. Ultimately we sell photographs and but there are opportunities to purchase digital negatives.

I hate having my portrait taken!

We understand. Most people do it seems. Now I always tell a story, if you have a treasured photograph of a favourite parent or grandparent, do you love it? The wrinkles, the  grey hair, do not detract one bit from that image that you love so much. Our family members feel the same way when they view photographs of you. Let me reassure you that we will do our very best  to create pictures that you and your family love. We can even sprinkle a little retouching on them if you wish.

Do you photograph newborns?

Our resident baby whisperer Dibbs specialises in getting newborns soothed and asleep for some beautiful images.

We also love smiles and expressions! So if you have just missed out on some newborn portraits we recommend waiting until your little one is about six months old. At this age they are smiling, giggling, sitting up and attempting to crawl. Most importantly they engage with you their parents from six months onwards.  We know this will be worth the wait to capture amazing portraits.

How much does it cost?

I am sure you appreciate how precious photographs of your loved ones are, so do we. Please take a look at our portrait products page to view our pricing. We only want you to buy what you love so always give careful consideration to how you want to display your portraits.

Where do I park?

We have excellent parking at Beamish Hub, you can park anywhere apart from in front of the roll-up doors of units 1 & 2 ( these are the two large detached units. )

Studio Accessibility

Our modern studio is easily accessible for wheelchair users with wc facilities on the ground floor. Our viewings are typically done upstairs but if that is not possible to go upstairs we will arrange for you viewing to be done downstairs, just let us know your needs.

Something Not Covered?

We are happy to help with any questions - so if your question is not covered here please give us a call on 01394 766643 or email us at